Rogers Marvel Architects
Oklahoma City, OK
SandRidge Energy, an independent natural gas and oil company, moved from the outskirts of Oklahoma City to downtown to help the city's revitalization's efforts. The master plan for their new headquarters spans multiple buildings and city blocks, where architecture and landscape architecture weave to balance company needs and civic engagement. The design reveals an existing Pietro Belluschi-designed tower as the centerpiece of the new complex, the Commons. The two-block site is sandwiched between North Robinson, the city's planned green connector and North Broadway lined with lower scale fine-grained commercial buildings. An 'outdoor interior' civic space connects the tower to other buildings on the site and provides a green link between the two arteries. This civic space enables employees and the community to enjoy native eco-regional landscapes in the city, protected from high street-level winds that currently discourage outdoor activity. The new tower lobby presents a façade of aluminum and wooden fins in reference to the Sandridge's geological engineering. In the public space, a canopy creates a comfortable microclimate. A new iconic building across the street, 120 Kerr, will house assembly, employee health and other public services. The building's transparency allows the events inside to activate the life of the city outside, true to the spirit of the overall design. The master plan also proposes the reuse of the empty Braniff Building, a National Register of Historic Place property completed in 1923 by Oklahoma's Solomon Layton. With a renovated main facade, the building will include retail and food venues with outdoor seating to activate the street and eight stories of SandRidge offices. A new parking garage and office building to accommodate SandRidge's growth are proposed along North Broadway.

AIA Honor Award, Chicago Atheneum, American Architecture Award, AIA TriState Merit Award, AIA New York State Award of Excellence

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