Rogers Marvel Architects
Brooklyn, NY
RMA's work for client Civic Builders began with a detailed feasibility assessment for a specific site in Brooklyn. RMA developed test fits grounded in the educational philosophy of this K-8 charter school, with a critical emphasis on parental involvement and community relationships. Complex existing conditions called for an exploration of differing approaches to site use and the renovation and creative reuse of existing structures. These schemes were developed in tandem with a preliminary project budget and revised program summary, which in turn served as the basis for an efficient and effective project start. RMA worked with sustainability consultant Buro Happold to investigate and specify responsible materials and construction and operation practices. The existing structure will soon be transformed into a new community landmark. The façade, windows and stairway of the Achievement First School will be important elements, defining the character that is presented to the neighborhood.

photography © Danny Bright, Peter Mauss/Esto, Albert Vecerka/Esto
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